Rusko – Hold On (Subfocus Remix)


Subfocus does drum & bass in a dubstep style! Screw-face bassline king Rusko’s melodic ‘Hold On’ gets pitched up by Ram Records protege Sub Focus. This half-step beat is drum & bass, Scotty, but not as we know it!

Loads more heavy dubstep remixes and covers at

More of the dirty boy Rusko’s dirty beats can be found or or . Give him some love he’s a wicked producer!

You can find more of Subfocus’ big remixes at or or . If you like this drum & bass beat then go check him out!


  1. Bob marley is more roots reggae, dub is more spacey and electronic (although it was usually made on analogue), good examples being artists like king tubby. dub is very echoey and trippy, you can hear how processed it is, it is often made from reggae song such as bob marley. At the end of the day, who cares? its all good music, labels are just words, all music is different, lets just enjoy it for what it is!

  2. lol, this planet is surrounded in ignorance. Don’t let it mess with you man. It will never cease to exist.

  3. good point mate, really shouldn’t be so vexed by other peoples ignorance but thats just a human fallacy I guess. happy listening!

  4. Very nice song
    This guy rocks live-makes me wanna go back to the day in like 97-98
    And see dieselboy or freakyflow on acid and MDMA son!!!!!!

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