How To Create A Rusko Bass (dubstep Wobble Tutorial.


Create the Rusko dubstep wobble bass in Massive.

here is the link to buy the patches

or for an extra £1 charge (to cover my fees) from ebay here:

here is a showcase of all the sounds you will be buying

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  1. Dude you have some the best tutorials I have seen on youtube. But from what you say to commenters you sound like a huge douchebag.

  2. I assume you are using massive? If so, go to massive’s website, Massivesynth. Hundreds of great tutorials and they really explain what you are changing and why it changes. I never understood what filters to apply, why they worked, why some didn’t, etc, and it answered my question beautifully. I found more and more interesting tutorials and now I know Massive relatively backwards and forwards. Check it out!

    I also recommend watching masterclasses. Like “Rusko Masterclass” parts 1-3.

  3. To automate anything in massive with fl studio, open massive, top left of massive theres a drop down arrow, click it, then select “Browse Parameters”.
    The sidebar will then reveal all the operations that massive routes to, you can find out which one corresponds with what operation in massive by clicking the corresponding knob/level/setting, which will then highlight in the sidebar the appropriate thingy, which you can then right click > create automation clip> Success! Good luck bro

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