The Streets – Blinded By The Light (Nero Dubstep Remix) (HQ)


Ripped from Annie Nightingales’ breakbeat show on Radio1.

Cleanest version on youtube


  1. current dubstep makes no sense its meant to be DUB music with a step
    meaning faster beat. Skrillex style music is simply noise sounds like a
    radio dying or throwin up just straight up shit music that bare hipsters
    made popular 

  2. Dear woof82,
    You uploaded crap tracks on your own page looking for attention. I
    applauded you

  3. I remember getting baked out of my mind to this song back in High School,
    they don’t make them like this no more..

  4. I love how you can hear that Chase & Status – Eastern Jam was the tune
    played before this one, it fades out during the intro

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