Nero – Satisfy (Jarvis Remix)


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  1. What the hell is everybody talking about ?! This shit is insane and one of the best Satisfy remixes i’ve heard !!!

  2. I think you could define the “drop” in this song as more of an “entrance” to the main event. It’s different, love it!

  3. Wouldn’t say it’s a remix, more of a slight edit to drop, still pretty sick though 🙂 prefer it than the original

  4. The acid synth sounds more like it would fit more if the track had breakbeats 🙂
    Nevertheless truly an original drop, one that I quite enjoy, gives the song a retro feel.

  5. Everyone is complaining about the drop. Probably because this isnt dubstep necessarily. More like electro with a beat drop after a buildup, but there is nothing dubstep about this honestly. No wobbles, and no frequency drops.

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