Nero – Angst [HD]


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Track 15 – Welcome Reality (2011)


  1. i will never fathom the fact that you can take a god tier song and shit all over it’s face the way nero did like jesus christ

    how the fuck could you do this to stress, this is just terrible

  2. I like both Stress from Justice and Angst by Nero, both have the same base, both are quite unique and have their own vibes.

  3. When the song makes those odd alien noises, I feel like its Palkias battle cry from Pokemon, Pearl, Diamond and Platinum. Lol

  4. Can anyone recommend similar EDM songs like this that evoke fear, panic, anxiety, rage, imminent danger, nervousness etc.? Anything but Justice – Stress!

  5. please tell me im not the only on who thinks the build up sounds are the same sounds the arwing makes in star fox 64 when you have low health

  6. We played this at a party really loud yesterday and it was really fucking powerful, like holy shit, we just screamed when it dropped 😀

  7. Y’all are up in arms about this being a remix of Justice’s Stress. Nero never intended to pass this off as their own. It first aired in Nero’s 2010 essential mix along with about 50 other remixes. Angst is just the name some marketing exec slapped onto this section of the mix and packaged with the Welcome Reality deluxe edition album

  8. All these comments about Justice-Stress when the original song was Night on Bald Mountain anyways. Kids lol.

  9. this shit is evil and creepy sounding…. in a good way. bangs the he’ll out of some subs on about 2500watts! mega vibes….

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