BBC Philharmonic Presents…Nero’s Dubstep Symphony


(c) BBC 2011 (MMXI)
In June 2011, pioneering dubstep/drum and bass producers, Nero, teamed up with the world-famous BBC Philharmonic. The result is this unique blend between two music genres. Orchestrated and conducted by Joe Duddell ( Performed live at MediaCity in Salford.

Hosted by BBC Radio 1 (The Zane Lowe Show) and BBC Radio 1Xtra (MistaJam).

** The remastered version of this track can be found on Nero’s new album – Welcome Reality which is released worldwide on August 15th 2011 **

BBC Philharmonic


BBC Radio 1 – The Zane Lowe Show

BBC Radio 1Xtra – MistaJam

All content does not belong to me whatsoever and used without permission. Sorry but I just had to put this amazing music composition onto YouTube before it left the BBC iPlayer archive. I’ve tried to preserve the video/audio quality as high as I could and include as many links as possible into this video description. Any discrepancies, please contact me over YouTube. Peace.


  1. I’m pretty sure that with a little more effort on the part of the composer, this could have been totally done à la Dubstep, using only an orchestra play in crazy off times and (dischords) creating dissidence and breaks rather than harmonies and flow. Idk. Try again with out digital. Electric/digital instruments. If the sound doesn’t exist go to a school and work with some students to invent one. Peace.
    Nice try tho.

  2. 13:32 the orchestral version of Guilt by Nero.
    From this point on is where I felt they had stumbled upon something that felt just exhilarating. I do like the symphony as a whole and it was building up to this point of the song. It really felt heart pounding and brought a tear to my eye out of shear emotion when it started. It startled me because it has a different emotion than what the rest of the symphony portrays.
    They could have done Guilt in an orchestrated way and I think it could have reached out to a wider audience. If they had a live singer singing her parts it would have pushed the envelope for me during the performance.
    This one part of the orchestration really stands out to me as the bread winner of the song.
    I tried to listen to the track Guilt but it just doesn’t sound as good as the way they did it at the end of the symphony. Man the possibilities of the Guilt being an orchestral track.

  3. Ha Xb funnies like shoving a sock puppet into a tv, strange but intriguing GOOD SHOW, KINDA NICE HA…POOP…DATO…8_8

  4. simple explanation to this.. this is not classical music.. it is dub step music. BUT what happened here is Nero here incorporated a live orchestra instead of the usual full blown synths , leads and other electronic instruments which is expected in dub step. do not get me wrong i love it! its tops.. but not “Classical” music (Mozart and all)

  5. As someone who was trained symphonically but is fascinated by modern electronic music… THANK YOU FOR BRIDGING MY WORLDS TOGETHER!!! I LOVE THIS! SUCH GOOSEBUMPS!

  6. maybe it does not work perfect the whole time, but there is a real effort to write music for an orchestra and arrange it compared to some rock or pop bands who played with an orchestra and no parts were added.

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