Ryan Keen – All This Time (Modestep Remix)


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Inside My Head EP:
1. Modestep & Teddy Killers – Inside My Head (feat. Ghetts)
2. Modestep – Prevolution
3. Ryan Keen – All This Time (Modestep Remix)

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  1. Ye, so I clicked on this 4 minute music video to skip to 1:06 and then
    clicking away again. But before, I have to comment that I really enjoyed
    that damn sick drop!

  2. please IEM, make a screen saver of your youtube intro animation. i will
    promote that shit on my laptop 24/7.

  3. dubstep, can be referred to as sex, and the drop is the orgasm, so it would
    be like bringing a girl home, getting her into bed and then without any
    foreplay or excitement first, she just orgasms, there always has to be some
    sort of build up whether it be sexual or musically inclined. I know that by
    comparing dubstep drops to sexual orgasms is weird, I was just trying to
    get a point across. 

  4. Ok so, “ЧРД (CHRD in latin words)” means “Happy Birthday”, so therefore I’m
    wishing him a happy birthday in my native language.

  5. @ First Comment if you ” didn’t even give a flying shit”. Why did you

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