Modestep & Koven – Take It All


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Evolution Theory (Deluxe Edition):
01. Modestep – Show Me A Sign
02. Modestep & Popeksa – Another Day
03. Modestep – Evolution Theory
04. Modestep – Sunlight
05. Modestep & Document One – Praying For Silence
06. Modestep – Freedom
07. Modestep – Time
08. Modestep & Newham Generals – Burn
09. Modestep – To The Stars
10. Modestep – Leave My Mind
11. Modestep & Koven – Take It All
12. Modestep – Feel Good
13. Modestep – Bite The Hand
14. Modestep – Up
15. Modestep – Saved The World

Available to buy on 11/02/13.
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  1. Funny, how the synchonicity works. I went through 2 months of neurosis-nervous breakdown, now its little bit better…yep, Lets hope your mind can take it all.

  2. Hell, if I ever make a slasher film [and i am not in the film line] this is going in!!

  3. That drop is so amazing. I don’t remember the last time I was so taken aback by how wonderful a drop could be. I had to close my eyes and just take the sound in.

  4. guys just imagine on a movie this guy or girl had one with was to become this legendary hero and the drop is when they are surrounded by light and began to change physical

  5. this track isn’t available in South Africa on Soundcloud even though I heard it there a few months back, the person who mixed this song started charging money for it but I can’t even buy it from his recommended site now, because that’s also not available to me. it aint that cheap either, I won’t pay for this ever. I don’t even know why it ain’t available in SA, it’s a bit of a stupid move, you narrowed a bunch of people down to not being able to buy this track, nevermind listening to it, who’s gonna pay for a song they haven’t heard? because luckily I have heard this song before, and I am quite surprised this has not been reported or held in a violation by Google’s Terms of Service. it’s been 2-3 years it seems.

  6. not sure if nothing no more – th!s is something i was so looking for (wasn’t sure if alreday commented, guess i – wtf guess the rest – phenomenal stuff) =))

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