UKF Dubstep Tutorial (Presented By Dubba Jonny)


Available now on UKF Dubstep 2010:

Available to buy on the 19th April from
Dubba Jonny present UKF’s first (and possibly only) dubstep tutorial. For any up and coming dubstep producers, listen up!

Big thanks to Dubba Jonny for this one, make sure you check out their Facebook/YouTube links below! Forthcoming on Tongue Flap Records.


  1. “Typically a Tempo of 140 Beats Per Minute is selected”
    So for the past 3 years, almost no Dubstep is being made. Lovely

  2. I thought about this today. I remember it coming on Pandora every now and again. Finally figured the damn name out. Nostalgia

  3. Why write so many things in comments section. Who will read it.

    Answer. I didn’t ask for a reason before I started writing on the top note I struck it up with precision

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