Nero – Must Be The Feeling (Flux Pavilion And Nero Remix)


Flux Pavilion & Nero remix of ‘Must Be The Feeling’ taken
from our album ‘Welcome Reality’ on MTA Records:

‘Must Be The Feeling’ is released on March 4th with other remixes from Azari &
III, Kill The Noise, Brookes Brothers and SebastiAn.

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  1. What the fuck is this? Are they just throwing shit on the ground? Come on guys, United 93 didn’t fight back for this.

  2. This is my background music when I work ,walk, talk,drive, chew gum ,get sum,eat,sleep,and breathe. 404 people must have JUST crawled out from under a rock and found the internet,fools ( leads them all on a long walk off a short pier).

  3. Am I the only one who appreciates the production and myriad of ingenious sounds in the original that this version just doesn’t equal?

  4. Always loved this song. and Nero. and Flux.

    playing at 1.5x has a pretty good beat and flow in my opinion, plus if you have a good sound system it’s pretty grungy with the bass. (the fish not the clef)

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