Benga – Skank


Benga’s 1st Dubstep release back in 2002. Not many people new to dubstep would have heard this, so thought I’d stick it up (along with other early Dubstep tunes) to hopefully educate people. Large ups to Benga!


  1. You’ve got to realise, dubstep wasn’t a genre at this stage. This is
    literally where the genre originates. Benga didn’t step out to make a
    dubstep tune, but changed it up a little and it caught on.

  2. one person making a song that falls under a certain genre cant “wreck” the
    genre. Just choose what you listen to, and if this is all you want to
    listen to listen to it forever. Personally i try to ignore the pop music
    garbage and i just listen to music i like. And music i like covers many
    different genres.

  3. My friend copying is the essence of creation, if no one borrowed ideas then
    music would stagnate.

  4. i was watching a documentary by red bull studios where he mentions what he
    used in the early days, its called I @m Benga, very interesting…

  5. that is sick! i have a producin tool for ps3 n bought the garage loops n
    samples like but it aint fkn easy lol

  6. You’re wrong. He made this on the PS2 I think. I don’t really know, because
    Fruity Loops is very popular, but I highly disagree with you. 

  7. I’m ten and I know that I’m not too far away from getting my tunes picked
    up by a dj. Wish me luck guys.

  8. People underate the influence of grime on younger producers like Skeam,
    Plasticman and Benga, I mean skank sounds like 8 bar like ho by dizzee
    rascal but it’s showing a sort of overproduction sophistication 

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