Benga In The Studio With Future Music 2008


In May 2008 Future Music went in the studio with Dubstep star Benga. He discussed the making of his album Diary Of An Afro Warrior. Watch Benga break down tracks, discuss methods of working and give you a great insight into what was then, an emerging sound.


  1. “Bram Von Broeck3 months agoin reply to Lewis Carter
    Who care’s if he’s a racist or not? I mean i’m not a racist myself, but why would you be so bothered when somebody else is it..? It’s just silly, who the fuck are we to judge other people.”
    thats straight up the most fucking retarded shit ive read on youtube in a long fucking time

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  2. A lot of the time when he says low pass he means high pass, especially on the bass lines. The mids are high passed and the sub is low passed.

  3. If anyone still even cares, he’s using Logic 5 with FL Studio as a plugin.I Still use Logic 5 myself and FL Studio in the same manner. Great way to use plugins with Logic PC that won’t run in the program natively. I wish someone would hack this version of Logic to remove the 1GB memory limit. Maybe add delay compensation. Still the best.

  4. I remember Dose on Big Apple Records blue badge one of my fav’s to date was so happy to get that record. One of his first releases, the beat was slightly off when the rift comes in at first surprised no one ever picked that up

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