Benga – Evolution


Benga is a dubstep music producer.He was one of the first dubstep producers when the style was emerging in the early 2000s.Benga is also noted for using acoustic drums on some songs, including “Live Drums” and “Evolution”. In 2007 Benga, along with fellow producers Skream and Artwork, formed the dubstep supergroup Magnetic Man.

Artist: Benga
Title: Invasion
Tracks: Flame ■ Live Drumz ■ Wobblers ■ Still Rockin’ ■ Middle Man ■ Evolution ■ Dual
Label: Big Apple Records
Country: UK
Released: 2006




  1. glad i could help <3 i just hate shit like that some people fucked up
    dubstep and kids like that think they know what real dubstep is stupid
    youth (not all)

  2. Mais qu’est-ce qu’il veut le britiiiish 😛 Comme ça par hasard, je tombe
    sur Kologo! Comme si youtube était un touuut pitit endroit ;)

  3. Ahah!! Arrete de lire les commentaires YouTube espece de jus de poche!
    Avoue que t’a tellement kiffe ce son que t’es retourne a cette addresse
    tout les soirs de pleine lune avec un panier de croissant et des mouchoirs.
    Et si l’internet est si petit c’est pour faire en sorte que 800km de
    distance permettent a deux meilleurs potes de se retrouver en deux secondes
    😉 Miss you french poto!

  4. I was just really stoked that one of the first dubstep producers was black.
    Just sayin xp

  5. True with Hip Hop and Disco, but not sure about Dubstep, and rock n roll
    was really a fusion of white folk music and black blues music. But I still
    credit Chuck Berry as the pioneer of Rock n Roll.

  6. I always feel, less is more. THIS IS Dubstep, Simple and to the point, a
    tight wobble, good percussion and a nice snare in the back ground. Today’s
    Dub Step is too complicated, I’ll take my good Ole classics any day thanks!

  7. Um no? Both Dubstep and Garage have a long history of being both black and
    white. This isn’t America

  8. brings me back to my cooking dope days. fun. glad I’m past that shit. stay
    clean yall. if ya can’t then fuck enjoy buperenorphine!

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