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Rusko-DubstepRusko has managed to do what very few dubstep musicians had managed to achieve. The underground music scene had been gung ho about this genre for more than a decade now however, it was not until the Rusko Dubstep style of this genre came to the fore that this form of music garnered a wider popularity. The unique ability of Rusko to present the upbeat side of electro house and dubstep music is what is considered to be the key factors to have contributed to the significant growth in loyalty for this genre.

Rusko was born as Christopher Mercer and presently goes by the stage name Rusko or a fuller name Rusko Banton. The twenty seven year old graduate from Leeds College of Music was not among the pioneers of dubstep but his foundation in music and an inspiring tryst at the event ‘Sub Dub’ had changed his perception of what he intended to produce and deliver. Consequentially the first Rusko dubstep production rolled out in 2006 and the subsequent albums were quick to follow.

He has been one of the few dubstep producers who have been regular with his songs and album releases. Among all the Rusko dubstep albums, the most popular ones till date are Songs and OMG. The latter received a 6.7 rating from Pitchform Media while the Rusko dubstep album of 2007 ‘FabricLive.37’ had been given a four star rating by ‘allmusic’.

Cypress Hill and Rusko have teamed up for an upcoming album which is tentatively titled Cypress X Rusko. The album is expected to be released in a few weeks. Those fans that did not get enough of the latest Rusko dubstep song ‘Somebody to Love’ would have reasons to rejoice with the upcoming album. As per expectations, Rusko would take dubstep to another level with his upcoming album, blending hip hop with electro house and contemporary rough dubstep.

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