Doctor P Dubstep

Doctor-P-DubstepShaun Brockhurst, undoubtedly known much better under his stage name Doctor P, is one of the premier dubstep artists today. The innovation and quality of work produced by Doctor P has earned him the popularity and the large following that he has today. The Doctor P dubstep effect has taken the music world by storm, and as a result, Doctor P has become one of the most popular artists of the dubstep genre of all time. Doctor P dubstep songs have an energy and attractiveness to them that have the ability to get people moving.

One of the most popular and recent Doctor P dubstep songs is “Superbad”, which features Flux Pavillion, another popular dubstep artist. Some of his other big hits include “Sweet Shop”, “Badman Sound”, “Big Boss”, “Stinkfinger”, “Watch out”, “Tetris”, “Circus One”, “Neon”, and “Feeling Sick Tonight“. Doctor P has also released a number of popular remixes that have garnered a fanatic following in the underground dance and rave scene. Some of his popular tracks include remixes of Britney Spears’ “3”, Example’s, “Last Ones Standing”, and “Marmite” by Caspa.

Doctor P dubstep fans are no longer just found in the underground dubstep scene. Music fans of all genres now respect Doctor P for the innovation and catch-ability that his music permeates. The Doctor P dubstep style has since been imitated, but not duplicated. The hard work and dedication of Doctor P has contributed greatly to the never before seen popularity and widespread acceptance of the dubstep genre as having artistic merit.

The Doctor P dubstep sound has to be heard to be understood. He is selected as one of our top dubstep artists for a reason. You will need to check out his tracks in order to understand why he has garnered such popularity.

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