Top Dubstep Artists

Top Dubstep ArtistsThe Top Dubstep ArtistsWho are they? Could they be the ones that started th? genre? Are they the ones that broke out into the mainstream media? Do they even belong in the dubstep genre? It all depends on how you look at it. But ? honestly don’t think it matters; I consider the top dubstep artists the ?n?s creating good quality music for the world to enjoy!

How The Top Dubstep Artists Were Chosen

In our perspective, the top dubstep artists are the ones that are the most creative, consistent and have ability to create quality music. There are only a few artists that fit this category. They are the ones that have the best quality dubstep songs. We did not just add them on here due to the fact that they have a hot single dubstep record. They had to be consistent in releasing plenty of hot quality records!

Our top dubstep artists know how to captivate the listeners; they are able to keep us entertained for hours. They have the ability to incorporate all of the key elements of dubstep and compose amazing songs. These top dubstep artists have mastered the wobble effect, the drums, and the bass drop. They know how to structure, arrange and mix their songs perfectly!

The Top Dubstep Artists Mainstream Influence

Dubstep is spreading all over the world and has made its way into the pop music culture. Our top dubstep artists has influenced certain acts such as Jay ?, Kanye West, Korn, Flo-Rida, Britney Spears, Snoop Dogg and many more. I find it interesting and ridiculous that certain fans are starting to dislike dubstep because it’s getting too mainstream. I think it’s great that dubstep has gained this much attention; these artists/producers deserve to be recognized with their amazing talent and skills. It was destined for the world to experience this amazing genre of music and it’s only the beginning!

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Our Featured Top Dubstep Artists are as follows…


Benga-DubstepDubstep started off as an experimental genre of electronic dance music. Towards the late 1990s it became popular in the underground music scene but quickly at the turn of the millennium. In the early 2000s dubstep music had started gaining mainstream popularity. Hailing from South London (the birthplace of dubstep music), Benga has been one of the pioneers of this genre. The first Benga dubstep album ‘Newstep’ was released in 2006 although the first … Read More

Doctor P

Doctor-P-DubstepShaun Brockhurst, undoubtedly known much better under his stage name Doctor P, is one of the premier dubstep artists today. The innovation and quality of work produced by Doctor P has earned him the popularity and the large following that he has today. The Doctor P dubstep effect has taken the music world by storm, and as a result, Doctor P has become one of the most popular artists of the dubstep genre of all time. Doctor P dubstep songs have an energy and … Read More

Flux Pavilion

Flux-Pavilion-DubstepJoshua Steele, better known as Flux Pavilion, has recently made his mark in the dubstep scene, and indeed, the music industry as a whole. Along with Doctor P, DJ Swan-E and Earl Faconer, Flux Pavilion co-founded Circus Records, which has become the premier dubstep recording company in the UK. The Flux Pavilion Dubstep sound is the main factor for Flux Pavilion’s emerging popularity, as his ability to mix and blend sounds is like no other. Flux Pavilion … Read More


Modestep-DubstepModestep is a dubstep crossover band that formed in London, England in 2010. Their first single, “Feel Good”, was released in 2011 and since then they have been revolutionizing the genre of dubstep. Modestep dubstep is produced by four artists. Originally, the band was formed by Tony (production, turntables, guitar) and Josh Friend (production, vocals, keyboards) along with roommate Matthew Curtis (drums, percussion), but Nick Tsang (guitar) was … Read More


Nero-DubstepNero is a Dubstep duo based out of the United Kingdom that has been making a mark on the world of dubstep since 2004.  Nero Dubstep is made up of Daniel and Joe, who met one another at the age of 15.  Both young men had a very serious interest in music and would spend their free time creating electronic music on their home computers.  When they were 17 they began to work together and Nero Dubstep was born. Nero’s impact on the world of dubstep was felt … Read More


Rusko-DubstepRusko has managed to do what very few dubstep musicians had managed to achieve. The underground music scene had been gung ho about this genre for more than a decade now however, it was not until the Rusko Dubstep style of this genre came to the fore that this form of music garnered a wider popularity. The unique ability of Rusko to present the upbeat side of electro house and dubstep music is what is considered to be the key factors to have contributed … Read More



Talk about Stream Dubstep and you will be referring to music genre that closely relates to rock music. Born Olive Dene Jones, on the first day of June in 1986, in his teen years, Skream was well vast with music (the Dubstep genre), while working at Big Apple Records. His love for this electro genre of music and the amount of time spent in the studio doing tracks on it later would make his fans call him Skream Dubstep. Aside from Big Apple Records, Skream has done … Read More


Skrillex-DubstepSkrillex is one of the most prominent names in the Dubstep world of music. The 24 year old music producer was born as Sonny John Moore and was raised at Northeast LA in California. Skrillex Dubstep style has been dubbed as a little different from conventional electro house and metalcore forms of music. A section of dubstep enthusiasts and fans of Skrillex defines his style as brostep. Although the first Skrillex dubstep songs were made available for … Read More