Thursday, January 18, 2018

Dubstep ArtistsThis is the section where you will discover our favorite dubstep artists and producers. We have carefully selected who would be featured on this page. They are chosen based on a few key factors; their skills of production, style, and creativity. We wanted to make sure that the dubstep artists and producers we featured were capable of keeping the listeners entertained.

Our focus was directed towards the artists/producers that we thought were appealing; we wanted this site to be a quality site for everyone that loves dubstep music. The craftsmanship style and creativity of these artists/producers was extremely important to us. We searched for their uniqueness as well as their ability to create shock value to the listeners. We made sure that all of the dubstep artists on this site had something different about them.

These dubstep artists were analyzed based on song structure, arrangement and mix. The use of their drums, vocal samples, synths and the wobble bass had to be engineered perfectly. There had to be something different about how they constructed their dubstep songs and remixes. The style and creativity of the dubstep drop was also very critical in the selection. How the song is dropped and the anticipation before that painful drop had to be flawless.

It all boils down to how they were able to combine all the key factors of dubstep together and doing it in a creative way. Combining the drums, the synths, wobble bass synths, vocal samples, the anticipation, the drops and the mix all together in an impressive piece of music is very challenging. Being able to accomplish that task, determines that as a dubstep artist/producer their craft has been have perfected. Based on their perfection determines how these dubstep artists and producers are featured on this site!

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insane dubstep tunes

Rusko smooth sub bass mix

Music In Me by Roksonix - Forthcoming on Circus Records. Become a fan of Roksonix: Follow Roksonix on Twitter:

Nero's remix of Hypercaine by DJ Fresh